Monday, February 15, 2010

Pharmacies BEST about taking their OWN coupons

Target and Giant Eagle are by far the best pharmacies I have ever dealt with when taking them their OWN coupons. Target especially has been great about this -- perhaps because their coupons are never worth more than a $10 gift card per prescription.

But regardless whether it's NEW or TRANSFERRED and regardless how many prescriptions I took to them (a dozen or more), they were fine with giving me a $10 gift card for each one as long as I had a separate Target Rx coupon for each one.

When they took competitor coupons, they were great about that too.

Giant Eagle at MOST locations where I've shopped has been great about taking an unlimited number of their OWN Rx coupons -- each giving you $1 in FuelPerks (worth up to $30 savings on gas ... if gas is less than $3, three of those being redeemed gives you enough for a free fill up ... and their GetGo folks are cool with you bringing as many fuel cans as you need to get all 30 free/discounted gallons if you don't drive a Hummer or some other monster truck/SUV that holds that much).

HOWEVER, when it comes to COMPETITOR COUPONS, Target no longer accepts any ... and Giant Eagle might as well not -- only accepting ONE per 6 months (2 per year).

For details about which pharmacies are BEST about taking COMPETITOR coupons, see below ... and at .

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