Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CVS is by far best after Giant Eagle change in policy

Giant Eagle has just changed from accepting an unlimited number of competitor coupons to only accepting ONE (1) every SIX (6) months. (They will still take an unlimited number of their own coupons -- but those are becoming much harder to find and usually have just ONE valid location printed on them -- lately, the Blacklick store only in the Columbus area. There's are usually the ones that let you earn $1 in FuelPerks with new/transferred Rx.)

To show Giant Eagle how displeased you are with this change, I encourage you to take all your Rx business away from Giant Eagle and to CVS where they will not only accept an unlimited number of their own coupons and competitor coupons when it's NEW or TRANSFERRED but, at least in Central Ohio, they also have a program where they will let you use a coupon WITHOUT transferring it.

Just bring a coupon with you (theirs or a competitor's) when you need to get a refill.

So, to clarify, here are my new rankings for BEST and WORST (in terms of accepting coupons from competitors):


(1) CVS
(2) Kmart

POOR (ridiculously limited terms):

(3) Giant Eagle
(4) Kroger

WORST/(don't take any competitor coupons ever):

(5) Target
(6) Walmart
(7) Walgreen's

NOTE: There are regional differences and the ratings above are based on my experiences recently in Central Ohio. I'm told that the Giant Eagle change will be in effect at all Giant Eagles nationally by the end of this week.

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