Sunday, May 9, 2010

Updated: Color-coded matrix of pharmacies best about taking COMPETITOR coupons

I've just finished updating the table/matrix to show which pharmacies are best and worst about taking competitor coupons.

It's at: .

This reflects CVS getting rid of their "Never Need to Transfer" campaign (where you could use competitor coupons for REFILLS as well as NEW & TRASNFERRED prescriptions) to keep you from transferring every other month away to a competitor. It also reflects the increasing hassles some of their pharmacists (such as Kevin Horsefield, one of their floaters who goes to various locations) are greeting customers with -- not allowing customers to use more than one coupon even when that competitor coupon says NOTHING about a "One per day" or "One per customer" limitation such as those from Target (which imposes no limit).

As I mentioned in last posting, you may find that Kmart is now a better place (with less hassle) to use competitor coupons than CVS now.

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